About us

History and success at present

In 1946 Dr. Gustav Klein and his wife founded the pharmaceutical factory Dr. Gustav Klein in Zell am Harmersbach in the Black Forest. Before that he studied medicinal plants and based on that knowledge developed medicines. The objective of the enterprise was and is the manufacturing and marketing of herbal medicines. The raw materials – medicinal plants – were collected near the company’s location at the beginning. The business strategy of the “gentle medicine” with phytotherapeutics (medicines from medicinal plants) proved to be very successful and the company steadily developed further.



Medicines by Dr. Gustav Klein are of the highest quality and of proved effectiveness and very often are unique combination preparations, particularly in the indications digestive system, urinary tract and cardiovascular system. Products, such as Gastritol® Liquid (6 extracts) and Solidagoren® Liquid (up to 3 extracts) enable a comprehensive treatment of the complaints and offer an interesting alternative, which is low in side effects, to conventional preparations.